Studio DiMonо

DiMono is a residential and commercial interior design studio operating in Russia and Gulf countries.

The studio was founded by Anfisa Nikishina in 2020.

We offer a full range of professional services in the field of commercial interior design - from concept development to the furniture items manufacturing according to our own design sketches and technical supervision.

  • Villas
  • Apartments
  • Cafes/Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Medical institutions
  • Retail stores

From contemporary classics to absolute minimalism.

Our main principles in work are business profitability for the brand owner, the principle of functionality and comfort, bearing a touch of sincerity, relaxation and tranquility.

Mixing elegance  with functional refinements, drawing inspiration from the geometry of the outdoor environment, celebrating the history of the past with the deepest intent for the future.

Our overall success is our team, ambitious, proactive, with endless sense of curiosity and outside the box thinking.

We transfer the story of each customer first onto a piece of paper, and then into physical space, smoothly moving from a blurry three-dimensional picture to the tiniest details. In harmony with the soul and heart of the corporate brand, we translate the vision of the big picture into execution in detail.

Each customer is unique in his or her vision and approach, however, they are all combined by one desire - to bring their target audience a temporary escape from reality into the special experience of relaxation, enjoyment and peace of mind.

Founder of the Studio

Therefore, our each new project is our journey together, with immersion into his/her vision, passion, values. All this for the only purpose is  to develop a concept in which the soul, creative originality and technical expertise inhabit.

This is our  journey together that gives us the opportunity to bring joy and create an amazing atmosphere.

Each our new customer and new project is an indisputable proof of our valuable reputation.

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